Buying Tips

Four Essential Tips For Buyers

1. Prepare your finance first

 By getting pre-approved, you know exactly how much money you can borrow and what you can expect your repayments to be. Sellers typically prefer to work with buyers who are pre approved and having a pre approval in place can give you a strong advantage when negotiating. Ensure you speak with a broker that you feel confident will give you the right advice that best suits your needs.

2. Pick the area then the property

You know the old saying ‘you can’t compare apples to oranges’, well in real estate it couldn’t be more true! Land values can vary dramatically by the kilometre so its best to pick a suburb and then narrow down the search criteria from there. 

3. Do your research before putting pen to paper 

Forget about the prices properties are listed at, if you are serious about putting in an offer, do your homework and research similar properties that have actually sold. The sold section on is great for this information.

4. Try not to insult the seller

Every one wants to negotiate and feel they have picked up a good buy but putting in a ridiculous offer never tends to end well. Sellers feel insulted and as a form of defence, their emotional response is generally to come back with an unreasonably high counter offer. If you come in with a fair offer you will generally recieve a fair response from the sellers.